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Moolgiri Rice is the premier brand of the company. Tajmahal Agro industries Pvt Ltd is also processing few other brands of basmati and non-basmati rice varieties.

Tajmahal Agro Industries Private Limited (Processors of Moolgiri) and Peninsula Food Products Private Limited(Exporters of Moolgiri), were formed and incorporated in Chennai, India during Jan 2000 by Mr.S.Chelliah and family members.

Tajmahal Agro industries Pvt ltd is an ISO 9001 and HACCP certified company.

Peninsula Food products Pvt Ltd engaged in export of good quality value added rice at Competitive price to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Far East countries.

Rice Subdivision
Rice is the gift of great nature and it is the staple food in 17 countries in Asia, 7 in the Pacific, 8 in Africa, 7 in Latin America and the Caribbean, and one in the Near East. Rice becomes not only the food of the people, but also common currency. In India the oldest literary sources, written in Sanskrit, refer to various species of rice found around 2400BC.

To enhance the shelf life and add the taste, many processing techniques like milling, parboiling, steaming, pressure parboiling, converting technologies are practiced world wide. And also to improve the properties like fluffiness, grain expansion and elongation of cooked rice, storage of paddy or milled rice at ambient condition for 4 to 6 month, new technologies are adopted in every step of processing.

In India nearly 12000 rice grains were cultivated from time unknown, and few of them are functional rice with more nutritional benefits.

Moolgiri rice is a clear blend of tradition and technology. After ten years of continuous research Tajmahal Agro industries identified suitable traditional grain and developed innovative process to achieve Moolgiri- the Non Basmati Low Glycemic White Rice.

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