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Low Glycemic Rice

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a classification of Carbohydrates in food based on their effect on blood glucose levels; as with all foods, this information should not be used without considering other information about the general nutrition composition of a food. The GI has been recommended to help guide carbohydrate-food choices, because low GI foods have been shown to improve blood glucose levels, to increase insulin sensitivity and to improve blood fat levels. The Glycemic Index (GI) is a system of ranking the quality of Carbohydrates in foods according to the immediate effort they have on blood glucose levels. Individual food are compared to pure glucose, which is given a Glycemic Index value of 100.
Low GI Carbohydrate foods are classified as those that are digested and absorbed slowly and lead to a slow, gradual rise in blood glucose levels, whereas high GI carbohydrates are rapidly digested and absorbed, causing blood glucose levels to rise to high levels rapidly, and drop off quickly.

Glycemic Index studies in Moolgiri Rice
From the year 2002, Peninsula Food Products Pvt Ltd has been doing continuous research in the area of the Glycemic index. Peninsula identified the suitable grain and standardized a process to achieve a Low Glycemic index. The recent 2005 study in Toronto Canada concluded that our Moolgiri Rice has a GI value of 54.1 and Therefore is a Low Glycemic index food (GI values less than or equal to 55 are considered low GI). For the Glycemic Index results for Moolgiri Rice, from the year 2001- 2005 and for all our study details please log on to www.moolgiri.com

Benefits of Low GI with Moolgiri Rice
Moolgiri Rice is a low glycemic index rice variety. By the selection of specialty grain, optimal farming techniques, and other innovative processes, Tajmahal agro industries has been able to produce a Low Glycemic rice. The Glycemic Index is studied periodically to ensure the Low Glycemic level of Moolgiri. The Quality control Department at our in-house lab and our research associates are continuously doing a variety of studies to ensure the quality of our Moolgiri Rice. The results achieved in various studies in various parts of the world acknowledge the efforts made so far. As our Moolgiri Rice has a low GI, it is suitable for the nutritional management of individuals wanting to achieve and maintain optimal blood glucose levels and body weight.

Moolgiri Rice is the only polished white rice with a Low GI
Some wild rice varieties have a low GI. Moolgiri Rice is polished white rice and it also has a Low Glycemic Index (GI). The reason for having a low Glycemic Index is because of the modification of starch during the growth process. The liberation of available carbohydrate, from this rice variety, during consumption, gets delayed, because of the starch modification, which happened during the growth process. In addition to this, when washing the rice before cooking, considerable quantities of the dissolved starch material will be washed out. For these two reasons Moolgiri Rice has a Low Glycemic Index.

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